IDS Aviation Software as a Service - Fly with the wind.

IDS Aviation Software as a Service - Fly with the wind.

 IDS Aviation SaaS - Customised Airport Visitor Preregistration & Dashboard

Make yours and everyone else's expertise your own. IDS Aviation Software as a Service has all the advantages of collaborative input from many airports and therefore imparts and shares it's knowledge with all airports with shared coding and therefore all subscribers have access to the same functions!
However, you can also add your own unique customisations.
IDS Aviation is hosted on your own unique URL therefore you have a look and feel of a customised software - with your own airports branding, pictures and customisations.
The Airport Visitors Web Preregistration Link can be affixed to your own website encouraging your Airport Visitors to enter their data in the VIC Preregistration saving you of time and money in administration time and paper handling.
You an also add customised features like induction video's or an airside drivers online application as an example..
If you'd like a login to our demo site or a live demonstration please get in touch (be sure to include your airport email address)


More information on Pricing and Plans here

Customised Display, Card Types, User Roles, Logo.

Customised Web Preregisteration

Customised web preregisteration

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