Collection: ID Card Printers

Hey, we'd love to help you with this!!
Here's a list of questions you can answer to help us help you choose the right printer for your business or organisation;
  1. How many cards will your organisation be printing over a 12 month period?
  2. Will you be printing in colour or just black?
  3. Type of card i.e. Photo ID Card, Membership, loyalty etc?
  4. How long do you require the card to last for?
  5. Will you require the card printer to print on one side or on both sides?
  6. Will you be printing on one or both sides of the card?
  7. Do you require any security features on the card i.e. Hologram, Micro-printing or UV Image?
  8. Do you have a database, and if so what type is it? i.e. CSV, Excel, SQL

Email Identity Security at or call us on 1300 70 90 28 with your answers and we'll put together some recommendations for you.


Have a great day!