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IDS Aviation Software as a Service


IDS Aviation – Aviation Compliance Software as a Service

What there was a solution that let you have all your  VIC data and compliance reporting, induction information, VIC/ASIC life cycle statuses, ADA's, AVP's all managed with one application efficiently?

IDS Aviation is an all-in-one solution you can’t miss.

IDS Aviation is a cloud-based Software as a Service Application. 

Since November 2011, Identity Security has collaborated with over 25 Australian Airports to produce this complete modular system which is scalable to airports of any size.

IDS Aviation benefits

  1. Very low cost of set up, and a hassle-free implementation
  2. Continuous improvement and input from other Airports
  3. Pay for only what you need. Plans are based on volume
  4. A modular application, you can add on modules as you need (see modules below)
  5. Compliance updates inclusive, to save you time and resources to do so.

IDS Aviation VMS consists of the following modules;

  1. VIC Issuing & Web Preregistration (Core Module)
  2. ASIC Online & ASIC Issuing
  3. Authority to Drive Airside
  4. Airside Vehicle Permit
  5. Induction Records Module

VIC Issuing Demonstration Video's

How to Create a VIC

How to Reset Visit Count

VIC Register