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Risk Management Software - Are you ready for tomorrow’s cyber security threats?


 Are you ready for tomorrow’s cyber security threats?

 Alyne Risk Management Software - a SaaS based Information platform that enables instant visibility of your information security risks so you can make smart risk based decisions quickly and easily.

Identity Security has sourced this software for our customers to help them isolate the next most important steps to keep your business secure and your employees free to do their most important work.

Alyne is an internationally recognised software currently used by firms such as Barclays, Allianz, and Deloitte with a proven track record.

Alyne digitises and simplifies processes that are often implemented through endless manual processes, emails and complicated spreadsheets. It is designed for risk and compliance professionals giving better collaboration and therefore enabling a risk culture across the organisation helping your people make smart decisions.

It’s  unique pre-built content library contains controls, mapped to risks, global regulations, laws and standards, all out of the box. Alyne is ready to use immediately and allows you to instantly measure your compliance and risk maturity within your organisation. There are many Alyne use cases that can deliver a sustainable lower cost to manage your compliance and increasing regulatory obligations. [Target use case based on job title]. Target CISO. CIO. CRO. DPO, Information Security job titles, Compliance, Head of Procurement, BCM- Operational Resilience.  

Here’s a quick demo video about Alyne’s Capabilities (click).

We'd love to connect with you via one of our monthly webinars and show you the benefits of this amazing software.