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Duratran II RFID Paper Label

Duratran II RFID Paper Label

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Honeywell offers you a wide variety of labels and tags to support different printing technologies and your different application needs. Both paper and synthetic barcode labels are available, for use with both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. Our Duratran™: thermal transfer labels are available in both paper stock and synthetic stock. Synthetic or ":film": labels meet the needs of more challenging environmental applications, with rugged qualities including:

  • Tear resistance
  • Aggressive adhesives
  • Moisture and heat resistance

These qualities make Duratran labels the right choice for applications in the outdoors or in harsh manufacturing environments.

  • Low Abrasion Resistance.
  • Indoor Only.
  • Min. App. Temp. 30°:F Service Temp. -65°: to 200°:F.
  • Low Chemical Resistance.

Honeywell thermal transfer paper labels are an excellent choice for use in environmentally demanding applications, where labels must stand up to conditions such as heat and sunlight.Thermal transfer printing technology uses thermally sensitive ink ribbons to produce barcodes that are both visible-light and infrared scannable. Duratran™: thermal transfer label products, available in both paper and synthetic facestocks, provide durable, high-quality printing and unlimited flexibility. For optimum performance, use Duratran thermal transfer labels and tags with Honeywell ThermaMAX™: ribbons.

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