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Magicard E+ Oversized Card Printer

Magicard E+ Oversized Card Printer

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With the Magicard E+, event organisers around the world can easily create 140mm cards - up to 100 in one go.

Enhance your brand’s visibility - Easily print extra-long badges with more branding space to make a lasting impression. Add QR codes for quick access to event, tradeshow or conference schedules, attendees, speakers & sponsors to enhance the attendee experience.

Flexible – Cards up to 110mm long can be printed entirely in full colour using the double-printing mode. The printer can also handle pre-printed cards up to 140mm long, printing a CR80-sized (86 x 54mm) area in full colour in a single pass or an area up to 109 x 54mm using double-printing. In monochrome mode, the entire length of a 140 x 54mm card can be printed. The card feeder is adjustable from 86 to 140mm length.

Efficient & time saving – Print a full colour card in 23 seconds and monochrome cards in 6 seconds. The Magicard E+ is highly reliable and easy to set up and integrate with existing network infrastructure.

Secure – Magicard’s HoloKote security technology adds a watermark to the card as it is printed - it requires no additional consumables and can be customised to an individual logo design - enabling true security at no extra cost.

Superior quality – The Magicard E+ has a wide colour spectrum making each print vibrant and colour-rich – perfect for photographs and a more accurate depiction of company logos and other images.

Updates and upgrades – Magicard’s robust update process allows for updates to be applied to each printer as and when they are available. Upgrades are delivered electronically to the printer via Magicard’s electronic upgrade web tool.

Print Speed 

85.6mm cards - Colour: up to 190 cards per hour

85.6mm cards - Monochrome: up to 750 cards per hour (HQ - Up to 525 cards per hour)*

109mm cards - Colour: up to 112 cards per hour

109mm cards - Monochrome: up to 540 cards per hour (HQ - Up to 429 cards per hour)*

140mm cards - Monochrome: up to 519 cards per hour (HQ - Up to 365 cards per hour)*

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