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TrudCredential Enterprise Software Licence

TrudCredential Enterprise Software Licence

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 For sophisticated design capabilities, smart card issuance and seamless integration with access control and HR systems, turn to Datacard TruCredential Enterprise software. With data-driven production, pre-built smart card configuration, drag-and-drop workflows for configuration, credential design templates and reports, this is the most comprehensive edition in software suite. Capable of accommodating hundreds of user workstations, this software provides the capabilities you need to issue highly secure credentials to help you protect your people and premises.

Capable of accommodating multiple workstations, users and records, TruCredential Enterprise software includes pre-built integration with access control systems and HR systems. It also supports document scan, photo and signature capture devices. A system dashboard provides printer status across the enterprise including online/offline status of your printers.

Get technical support and access to critical upgrades to keep your program on track with Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs). You'll have automatic access to features and upgrades that come with each release while reducing your longterm costs with regular software updates.

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