Access Control & Ticketing Systems

Our Access Control systems provide you with a comprehensive solution and better support for Venues and Events. Ensuring patrons are well looked after while providing sponsors with an effective point of difference.

There are a few different ways our Venue Attractions & Service Ticketing Cloud Service (VAST-NG) can be implemented, such as turnstiles or other access control devices – etc: portable handhelds. Each ticket has a readable ID which is assigned to a one ticket holder, each ID has a list of permissions defined by its access class that indicates what areas the ticket holder can access.

The information is provided in real-time by Leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) technology and the use of lightweight infrastructure.

VAST-NG can be easily integrated into any Point Of Service systems in an agnostic way (i.e. without requiring any POS systems software changes).

Venue Access Control

Next Generation (VAST-NG™) is a cloud-based platform that provides events and venues such as entertainment complexes, football stadiums and racecourses with a scalable and flexible patron access control solution.

VAST-NG™ follows from the original Venue Access Systems for Turnstiles (VAST), originally developed as an on-premises server-based system.

It provides venues their own access control infrastructure, independent of ticketing providers.

It also provides other benefits such as enhanced reporting, monitoring, control and integration to other sub-systems.


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