Breach Assessment

Detect existing vulnerabilities & protect against future breaches Identity Security Breach Assessment Service at a glance…..  
Identity Security offers an enterprise-wide forensic assessment called a Breach Assessment. What’s a Breach Assessment?
  • It identifies the machines on your network that have been breached
  • It identifies current threats on your network that are not normally detected by a penetration test or IPS infrastructure
  • And provides recommendations on remediation activities to mitigate any current threats that were discovered.

  • Provides you with an enterprise-wide forensic assessment
  • Helps you optimise the effectiveness of your IT Security budget
  • Gives an understanding of your current security breach readiness
  • Helps prepare you for the internal and external audits
 Results you can act on The results of our Breach Assessment allow us to make recommendations and implement any additional add-on service(s) if required. As the client you are fully informed, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of IT Security budget and resources.

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