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Identity Security's Essential Eight Health Check

Identity Security's Essential Eight Health Check

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Does your business have an obligation to meet a standard level of the Essential Eight?

The Essential Eight is a baseline mitigation strategy which should be implemented proactively by the organisation seeking to protect their business from a large scale cyber security incident. 

The Essential Eight

Mitigation strategies to prevent malware delivery and execution

  1. Application Whitelisting
  2. Patch Applications
  3. Configure Microsoft Office Macros Setting
  4. User Application Hardening

Mitigation strategies to limit the extent of cybersecurity incidents

     5. Restrict administrative privileges

     6. Patch operating systems

     7. Multi-factor authentication

Mitigation Strategies to recover data and system availability

    8.  Daily Backups

Identity Security's Essential Eight Health Check will help your organisation do the following;

  • Identify which systems require protection (i.e. which systems store, process or communicate sensitive information or other information with a high availability requirement)
  • identify which adversaries are most likely to target their systems (e.g cybercriminals, nation-states or malicious insiders)
  • identify what level of protection is required (i.e. selecting mitigation strategies to implement based on the risks to business activities from specific cyber threats).

IDS Essential Eight Health Check consists of the following services; 

- A pre-workshop phone discovery session with a key stakeholder of the business and at least one technical staff member

- A two-hour onsite workshop *additional travel charges may apply

- An after workshop audit report outlining current maturity levels and action plans to reach the ideal maturity level for your organisation.

For more information please contact Identity Security 1300 70 90 28

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